GEO Xtra WT-A42 Blue Circle Lens 15mm~

Привет всем!~ некоторое время назад я получила симпатичные линзы из http://loveshoppingholics.com/
Я с нетерпением ждала, когда смогу носить их ** И вооот!
Ребят, я не знаю почему, но я не могу найти эту модель в каталоге сайта...
 Я думаю что это Geo Xtra ... но я не уверена. Простите за мой косяк Т___Т

Hi their~ Some time ago i got  simple but beautiful lenses from http://loveshoppingholics.com/
i looked forward to wear them and nooow...look ^^
and guys...i dont know why...but i can't to find this model....
i think it's Geo Xtra...but i'm bot sure really. sorry for my mistake T_T

awww so lovely card! ~ 


 sorry for tired look` it was really hard day!~

On eyes: 

хмммм Я ожидала более яркий голубой оттенок, но, к сожалению он почти не заметен на моих глазах. Мне нравится эта черная обводка вокруг. Она делает  глаза заметнее.
Само собой, линзы выглядят не натурально, но все-равно интересно. 
Я не думаю что они подойдут для вас, если вы хотите кардинально изменить свой оттенок глаз. Я думаю, это больше для повседневного ношения, чтобы приукрасить ваш натуральный цвет.

hmm i expected bright blue shade but unfortunitely it's  almost invisible~ 
I love huge black color around, because it makes my eyes more noticeable.
Of course they are not natural, but still interesting
I dont think that it is suitable for you if you want to completely change your  eye color.
These lenses to brighten your natural look, make it more unusual

ДА, мне нравится как сильно увеличился диаметр.  Мы можем увидеть так называемый "кукольный взгляд". Прекрасно подойдет, как для косплея, так и для повседневности

Yes, I like how much to increase the diameter. We can see the so-called  "doll eyes ."
 Perfect for both cosplay and for everyday life

Обычно я устаю от линз, не сильно, но бывает ... но не сейчас ... после 4 часов я просто очень устала от накладных ресниц, я думаю, что это хороший результат ~

Usually i get tired from lenses... but not now...after 4 hours i just terribly tired by false eye-lushes, i think it's good result~ 

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  1. I love these CL are so beautiful. The color is beautiful although it shows that are not real or that it seems to me >-<
    Beautiful entry Jurika. Is that your natural hair color? If it is, it is beautiful *w*
    I'll send you many kisses

  2. Oh, these lenses look so cute on you! Wonderful post ♥
    Have a lovely March!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. Your blog is really amazing!! Would you like to follow each other?? Let me know! =D


  4. Great review! I love how these lenses look on you~ the color is beautiful (^ν^)

  5. You look like a doll with those contacts on! Pretty~ Btw, I followed you on bloglovin' care to follow me too?

  6. I like them! Super dolly ^^ and looks really nice on you

  7. Hello :3
    I love your blog <3
    İ am following you now.You can also follow me back please <3


  8. The packaging is adorable and the lenses are absolute perfection! I need to invest in some :')


  9. the lens look lovely, but i really like your wigs as well, especially the first one *_*

  10. These lens look great on you! and your makeup is so cute ^^

  11. Those lenses are really pretty on you~!


  12. You have such a lovely blog I love it!
    The packaging is super cute! Also I love your shirt c:

    blog @ k a r i m e w . c o m

  13. Great post again <3 Beautiful ♥

  14. Cuute! These really add to your light eyes, instead of taking away from your naturally beautiful colour. :3

  15. Love the color, you eyes looks so pretty!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post on:

    www.cherryblossomstreet.com - Swedish Fashion Blogger and Model in TOKYO

  16. Absolutely love your blog and this amazing post in particular (:
    lenses look good on you and you're gorgeous!

    Life in Pastel

  17. You look endlessy cute ♥ The lenses suit you really well :)

  18. Your eyes are so pretty.

    Love always,

  19. so cute :)

  20. Your eye color is already so pretty <3 i love this on you but i would love you to wear a grey one ;)
    Thanks for droppin' by my blog, xoxo

    ~ aMz Punky Bunny Blog

  21. So beautiful, looks great!


  22. Hey! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

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    With love, Vanillant



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