~ Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Violet ~

Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Violet
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I bought these lenses in optics in Vietnam. I got them by accident, to be honest because at home I have just five unopened pairs.I am not very pleased with them, despite the fact that they are very beautiful



Do not be surprised such a low appraisal. if the lenses dont perform their function, their design dosn't matter.
"Wow, what a beautiful color! Wow what a chic design ": I thought, seeing them for the first time, but what I was naive! I sincerely hoped that my eyes will be beautiful lavender hue, but in the end got a miserable unnatural frame. In the distance the lens look very pretty, 
eyes look slightly larger / not surprising, because the diameter of 14.2 mm /, but in general....Having tried many lenses, these were some of the worst. I know that the lenses look better on dark eyes, but despite this, I have been always  happy with my purchases.I even read one of the sites: "Perfect for all types of eyes."  What? Are you serious?
is it ok that I really see my gray eyes so much? if the lenses are not suitable for the eyes with bright colors, then write about it on the packaging! 
 I used some purple lenses from other brands, and I was happy because it's my favorite color. but here I am greatly disappointed.

their huge plus - lenses generally are not felt on the eyes. at all! Why I didn't put "excellent"? due to the fact that when you put them on the eye, the lens is not evenly lies on the surface some time. I don't know how to explain it properly. Imagine that you unevenly paste  screen protectors  on the phone. imagine bubbles on the screen protector....  the same happens to your eye for about a minute until the lens does not lie flat on the surface of the eye.  usually my lenses immediately and evenly wear. So this gave me a little uncomfortable. At one point I thought that I put on the eye plastic bag. and so I walked into the lens all day, and completely forgotten about them. It's really nice. 

I've tried to convince myself that it is not wasted money, and the lens is quite nice. I still feel mixture of feelings. on the one hand when I'm away from the mirror, I think it's beautiful, but it's worth a closer look and I see in my eyes bright hoop. maybe I just did not fit this color and other colors of this collection look better on the grey eyes, I saw pics of Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Grey, and they looked so great on brown eyes. if you have blue or gray eyes, I would not advise you to buy it. although of course it all depends on your taste. if you have tried such lenses, write me, I wonder. just share with me your not a good purchase, I would like to know which lens is better not to buy in the future.
you can buy them herehere or here.

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  1. The lenses are cool! They remind me of anime eyes how they blend with your natural light eyes.

  2. Wow those are some of the prettiest violet natural lenses I've ever seen! Why haven't I heard of these before? They look pretty and you wear them nicely!


  3. Анонимный1 мая 2014 г., 01:44

    Nice post! kisses!


  4. This purple hue is really pretty. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me...Have a great Friday!

  5. They look veery good on your eyes on day light, with flash it seems a bit more unrealistic but it is still really good, seriously! I understand because I would also take a little time to get used to it, but I think it does look good on you :3

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  6. I love these lenses on you! You're so pretty oh my gosh ;u; The design is so cool *u*
    -Kiyomi xx

  7. Love your blog so much, I am a new follower, can you check out mine?

    Fashion gets Fierce.

  8. Oh!! i've seen this on colorcon outlet in my city, this color and the brown one!
    Looks so cute!>< makes me wanna buy another colorcon:3:3

    Adventure of P-chaaaan!!

  9. these lens look stunning on you. you're quite the doll <3

    Xlicious Girl

  10. You're very beautiful and love the lenses design too on you ^^ make you look so dolly :3

  11. I love these lenses, looks so perfect on you ^^

    Beautiful :3

    恵美より ♥

  12. Nice blog :) I want to ask you if you wanna follow each other? I would be glad! Have a nice day.

    Fashion gets Fierce.

  13. Stunning <3 The lenses suits you well :)


  14. Your natural eye color is so beautiful -- maybe even fairy-like. And I love them with that violet combo!



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