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Hello, friends~ Long time without posts ...

But it's because I lose attraction my old design, and I tried to create a new one! And I think it turned out pretty design. Especially when you consider how much effort I spent on each icon. Maybe it was too easy to look, but I'm pretty satisfied. I hate only the distance between the menu and messages, but unfortunately I was not able to remove it.I did not paint a very long time. Tell you a secret - this is my first experience drawing on the computer. I usually use only paper and gel pens. So I have a mixture of feelings - on the one hand, I'm proud of myself, the other - on paper it looked better!


and After

Recently I received four pairs of lenses from different sponsors! so that soon there will be new reviews! See you ~

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  1. Ohh love it! So lovely <3


  2. Oh my, you did the design yourself? It is so beautiful and well done, I am super impressed, I wish I was able to do such cute icons and designs as well >___< I totally love this new design <3

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  3. So pretty I love your new design and layout. you must really put a lot of efforts cause I can see every cute details on the icons you made ^^ great job :D

  4. YES! Now is really really cute!!
    I need to learn how to make a cover with icons like you! Not as cute as yours, but something usefull lol...

    Anyway! I love your blog! Here a new fan!
    ... "new fan" ahaha i was your fan before, but i didn't know your name and blog ahaha


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