~ Brandedkitty's dress and eyelashes review ~

Всю неделю у нас была ужасная дождливая погода, но в последний день лета стало на удивление тепло. И в самое пекло я потащила свою подругу в парк. У меня новое платье от BrandedKitty! Как я могу сидеть дома? И погода прекрасная.  
~ Небольшой фотоотчет~

All week we had a terrible rainy weather, but on the last day of summer was surprisingly warm. And in the thick I dragged my friend to the park. I have a new dress from BrandedKitty! How can I stay home? And the weather is fine. 
~ some photos~

♥ Отличное качество 
♥ Быстрая доставка
♥ Мягкий подклад
♥ Плотная непрозрачная ткань
♥ Очаровательный вишневый принт

♥ Great quality
♥ Fast Shipping 
♥ Soft lining 
♥ Thick opaque fabric 
♥ Charming cherry print

Вы заметили какие шикарные накладные ресницы?  Они также из магазина BrandedKitty.
Я ОЧЕНЬ довольна, как они смотрятся на глазах, а великолепная упаковка вдохновила меня сделать что-то милое ^______^ 

Have you noticed how gorgeous false eyelashes? They are also from BrandedKitty
I am very pleased with how they look on eyes, and gorgeous packaging inspired me to make something cute ^ ______ ^

Когда я увидела ее впервые, я не могла оторвать глаз и все время вертела коробочку в руках. Мне даже не хотелось открывать эти реснички, они слишком красивы! А милый котик просто похитил мое сердце. ♥

When I saw it at the first time, I couldnt take my eyes and all the time I twirled box in my hands. I dont even want to open these false eyelashes, they are too beautiful! And the cute cat just stole my heart.♥

~another one pic from my phone ~

I hope you like it ^^~
~Don't forget to visit lovely BrandedKittyShop~

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  1. Lovely dress! And I love the eyelash packaging. :)


  2. beautiful pics, i love your dress!!!

  3. wow, you look gorgeous with that dress, and love those lenses!
    I'm following you now ^^

    Freak Muffin Blog

  4. you look gorgeous
    i love the dress


  5. omg the packaging is really cute >3< the lashes also pretty.
    u r really pretty :D

    http://torichux3.blogspot.com /

  6. That dress is really adorable~ and I totally need a lash like that <3


  7. you're so cute! you look like a doll :) i love that dress btw

    xx Janelle
    Styles & Prints

  8. you look so pretty, sweet & cute!! <333 loveit !!


  9. Hello sweetie, I have nominated your for the Liebster blog award <3 you can see in this post here http://fashiongetsfierceblog.blogspot.pt/2014/09/liebster-award.html have a nice day! <3

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  11. Hi dear
    Oh, amazing outfit, pretty and chic
    Love the dress

  12. You're so pretty! Thank U 4 your visit!
    I'll following! u love your blog!


  13. Cute dress! You look like a doll!

  14. waaah the dress is soo pretty on you!! You look like a doll ♥♥ *-*
    And yes, the lashes are really dolly and pretty too! They look awesome on you ^-^* I heard about Brandedkitty store before, their clothes are soo pretty *-*

    Mindy ♥

  15. You are gorgeous & so is that dress! Lovely post <3
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  19. thank you for your comment!
    wow, gret cute dress! kisses! check out new post on my blog!


  20. Wow your legs look amazing in that dress (LOL not being creepy I swear). Thanks for the post! C:

    Junniku blog [Click!]

  21. I love your cherry dress :3
    oh kitty eyelashes *^* so pretty !! :)

  22. the eyelashes are absolutely gorgeous :) you look really pretty!

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  24. this is the first time i visit ur blog
    you are really really pretty!!!
    like a doll!
    btw those contact lenses really suit you!
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