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I was lucky to get a cute lenses Dolly Eye Cookie Blue  by Uniqso
My eyes have not understood the gray-blue-green hue. But I cherish the love of bright and saturated colors of eyes.So I decided to select the newly blue contact lenses, which I have many. But I very much like to compare

Мне посчастливилось получить милые линзочки Dolly Eye Cookie Blue от Uniqso
Мои глаза имею непонятный серо-голубо-зеленый оттенок. Но я питаю любовь к ярким и насыщенным цветам глаз. И я решила выбрать вновь голубые линзы, которых у меня много. Но  я очень люблю сравнивать.

When I received a package in the mail, I was very surprised at the quality of packaging, as well as a cute little box. I know that Unicso always takes care of its customers. A cute packaging makes the parcel even more desirable

Когда я получила посылку на почте, я была очень удивлена качеством упаковки, а так же милой коробочкой. Я знаю, что Unicso  всегда заботится о своих покупателях. А милая упаковка делает посылку еще более желанной

In one of the Review, I was asked about these lenses. And I hasten to tell you about them!

В одном из ревью меня спросили об этих линзах. И я спешу о них рассказать!

i fall in love with this bear ^^ ~ 


I specifically chose unnatural lens. They do look really doll and expressive.
See what circle lenses are worn by Human dolls & how you can look like one.

Я специально выбрала неестественные линзы. Они делают взгляд действительно кукольным и выразительным. 

This model has a rich color palette, I'm sure you can find the right color for your taste ^^

У этой модели весьма богатая цветовая палитра. Я уверена вы найдете что-то на свой вкус ^^

I wear these lenses for more than a month. And I am very happy with bright saturated blue tint, comfort, unusual strokes.

Я ношу эти линзы уже больше месяца. И я очень довольна яркий насыщенный голубой оттенок, комфорт, необычная обводка. 

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  1. Wow, these lenses are beautiful and look great on light eyes, what it is a miracle * cry * hahah, thanks for the review, will certainly be on my list to buy lenses for cosplay looks great too.

    { http://brainwashingb.blogspot.com.br/ }

    1. Really thanks dear~ u are right they are look like character's eyes ~ ^^ thanks for comment~

  2. Great lenses, they look really pretty on you. :)


  3. Your blog is so pretty hun and these lenses look amazing on you! Thanks for your insightful comment…Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. the lens suit on u, and u r so cute like a barbie doll XD


  5. You have a beautiful eyes *------* This lens looks so pretty on you !!! ** Barbie Doll Gir ** Love It <3. Tenks for visit my blog honey ^-^ !*

  6. aww you're so cute
    would you like follow each other? :)


  7. the lenses suit your look so well <3 very dolly and Barbie like :)


  8. Blue eyes like this are just so pretty! Nice circle lenses!
    And you always look like a pretty doll :3

    Thanks for your comment! Now I follow you blog, twitter and facebook ;)

  9. omg your eyes loooks amazing ! I need to give a try to those contact lenses :))

  10. so charming

  11. The lens look amazing on you <3 makes you look like a doll <3 so pretty ^^

  12. ohmy *-* love how they look on you! And your makeup :3 so pretty

  13. Oh my gosh these look so nice on you, you're so pretty ;3; I love the color<3
    -Kiyomi xx

  14. Love the lenses on you, you even looked more like a barbie with your hair <3

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  15. wow, it looks so great , i've never seen lenses like this before and i just love it! tahnk you for your comment on my blog and check out new post! kisses!


  16. By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster award. You can find the post here! :) --->http://catscraftsncritters.blogspot.ca/2014/08/awards.html

  17. Those circle lenses look amazing!!

    x Angiejj / bouncingbrunette.blogspot.com

  18. Wow!<3 Nice lenses and amazing eye's!*.* You are so pretty. Love your Hair!:)



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